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There are only a few valid reasons to prune a tree in the urban landscape: Promote tree’s health Reduce hazards to people Train a young tree Increase or decrease flowers/fruit Pruning/training young trees (first 3 years on the site) Proper pruning when the tree is young will result in a mature tree that is structurally … Read More »

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Hazard Tree Assessment

What is a Hazard Tree? A tree is considered hazardous when it has a structural defect that predisposes it to failure and the tree is located near a target. A target is an area where personal injury or property damage could occur if the tree, or a portion of the tree fails. Targets include sidewalks, … Read More »

Pine Bark Beetles

Pine bark beetles in Arizona are generally of the genus Ips or Dendroctonus. However, several other genera also attack pine, including: Hylastes, Hylurgops, and Pityogenes. Often several species will attack at the same time. Identification of specific beetle species can be difficult. Identification can be aided by knowing the host species attacked, time of year, … Read More »