Firewise Assessment

Our accredited assessors will help you develop a firewise plan. Our assessors specialize in fuels reduction, structure protection and creating defensible space. Every wildland firefighting agency agrees that creating defensible space is one of the best actions you can take to protect your home from the dangers of wildfire.

Much of the Southwest is considered a high-hazard fire environment. Many areas in Arizona possess all of the ingrediants necessary to support large, intense and uncontrollable wildfires. Our ability to live more safely depends on pre-fire activities. These are actions taken before a wildfire occurs.

Pre-fire Activities Often Include:

  • A maintained landscape
  • Use of Firewise plant materials
  • Reduced vegetation around the property perimeter
  • Fire-resistant roofing materials
  • Fuel reduction (removing excess vegetation)
  • Proper thinning and pruning
  • Creating survivable space around homes
  • Preventing “ladder fuels” that spread fire

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