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Bob Lee & Sons Tree Service, in Payson, AZ, is a professional tree service and logging company that specializes in logging, healthy forest initiatives, thinning, wildfire prevention, and hazardous tree removal, has always been a family affair. If Bob Lee planted the seed, his son, Dale has turned it into a forest. Starting in the early 1980s as a local tree service, the company has now expanded its territory to cover most of Northern and Central Arizona. “In the beginning we worked mostly in the Rim country and White Mountain areas, but have recently seen a demand for our services in other areas throughout Arizona,” said Dale Lee, owner.
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About the Founder

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Founder, Bob Lee began his career as a uranium miner, but in the early 1980s, prices of uranium dropped and the mines closed. Lee found himself unemployed. A contractor friend in Payson called Lee and told him about the U.S. Forest Service mistletoe removal project near See Canyon. “We came out, looked at the project, and instantly fell in love with the Payson area,” recalled Lee. And so, in 1983, Lee opened Payson’s first tree service, aptly named Bob Lee Tree Service.

For the first five years, Lee cobbled together enough jobs to support his family and build a reputation in the community. At 67 years old, after running a successful business for 22 years, Lee decided to retire. That’s when son, Dale Lee stepped in. “I couldn’t see my dad’s business coming to a halt,” said the younger Lee, who took over his father’s business in September 2003, and renamed it Bob Lee & Sons Tree Service. “I felt very strongly that we should make a second- generation business. We plan to make a third-generation business as well.”

After acquisition of the business, Bob Lee & Sons expanded its service territory to include most of Central Arizona. We own and operate state-of-the-art equipment including aerial equipment, land clearing equipment, chipping or grinding equipment, and small scale logging equipment. Through the years, Dale Lee’s business has grown in several new and challenging directions. “None of this would have been possible without the help of my family and close friends,” said Dale Lee. “We were able to expand our horizons with the hard work and the expertise that comes with 30 years of experience. We do anything from a single tree removal to removing thousands of trees on forest service, private lands, commercial and residential properties” said Lee.

About the owner

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Dale Lee works closely with government agencies and individual clients to promote healthy forest initiatives and wildfire protection. Bob Lee & Sons Tree Service has also made huge strides in the wild land firefighting service industry, both on rehab, contract falling, and initial attack scenarios. Bob Lee & Sons Tree Service offers wild land fire rehab services. The company’s expertise is especially important when maintenance and prevention are a priority after a fire. Fire line fuels must be chipped, and then spread over the burnt land. In time, the chips retain water and turn to mulch, helping new trees and foliage grow. We also use our chippers to turn green waste into useable products such as mulch, chips for dust control, and electrical energy.

Bob Lee & Sons Tree Service also takes pride in their in their hazardous tree removal skills- removing trees without damaging houses or property. “Our customers are amazed that we can take trees down without harming structures or damaging foliage or their property.” Due to our technical expertise, we hold safety as a top priority. We have an exemplary safety record and are constantly focused on education and developments in our industry. As a complete tree service, we are committed to providing you with the best information regarding arbor care, including fertilization, practical and corrective pruning techniques, and all other aspects of tree diagnosis and treatment. Bob Lee & Sons Tree Service is committed to serving our community. We will continue to strive to bring quality workmanship and technical expertise that our industry requires. “We want to continue Dad’s legacy of providing quality customer service at a fair price. Thank you, dad for your love and support.” –Dale Lee
Why Choose Bob Lee & Sons Tree Service?
  • We are licensed and insured
  • We are a second-generation tree company with thirty years of experience and excel in competitive pricing
  • We have the equipment to do any size tree project. No tree project is too small whether it is Residential, Commercial, Land Clearing or Small Logging
  • We are experts in Aerial tree pruning/thinning/removal and we are staffed with technical/trained tree professionals
  • Our Firewise Assessors are qualified and experienced for your Firewise prescriptions. We work along with the Forest Services, Fire Departments, Municipalities, Insurance Companies and Home Owner Associations
  • We have a start to finish tree project procedure. Starting from your initial phone call to our office, to our free on site estimate, customer approval of project, scheduling, completion of project, to our post project follow-up
  • Our policy is 100% customer satisfaction, with highly trained personnel and quality Customer Service

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